Welcome to this year’s UAL Education Conference (ExEd24) organised by the Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange.  

After 3 years of the post-pandemic format; a 2-day online Conference, we are pivoting back to a 1 day in-person event. We look forward to hosting a full schedule, including wide variety of session formats, opportunities to socialise and network throughout the day, and the hospitality to accommodate you. Come and meet colleagues from across all 6 Colleges, Institutes, Central Services and Arts SU. 

Open Call

Asking significant questions related to climate, racial, social justice and our social purpose makes demands on us to incorporate certain qualities whilst attending to ethics. Current events might challenge educators to counter ignorance, decrease polarisation and violence, add nuance and build bridges of understanding. The relationship between education and justice may be one of the themes your proposals suggest. 

Climate change, species loss, as part of conditions that violate life and our interconnected lives, demand increasingly innovative responses. This may increase art and science; economic, social, cultural and political cooperation, if each are implicated in ethical art and design curricula, knowledge exchange and research. Is the loss of knowledge of as much a concern to you as new knowledge? Are we concerned to represent an educational future for our students that is unique to our aims and/or unique to their priorities and motivations? Are there new possibilities, and impossibilities, that you have found yourself responding to?

We want to invite you to a conference of criticality, mutual support and respect. What ingenuity, urgent analyses, positive actions, principles or practices are we contributing to education? A diversity within educational discourse is essential at such times, when crisis becomes a term we hear repeated. Is a learning crisis one in which certain disciplinary, organisational, institutional or sectoral habits need re-evaluating?

Join us, as we also celebrate 10 years of the Conference Archive (2013-2023), elaborate on the incredible work done over this year, and the last decade, appreciate our worth, and seek positive ways forward. 

Upcoming dates

8 March – Open Call

7 May, Midday 12pm – Submission deadline

Early June – Programme Publication

9 July – Conference day