Artist Commission

Applications have now closed.

Winners of this commission are Ayşe Köklü and Lucía Conejero Rodilla

A new opportunity open to all part-time or hourly paid staff. This includes Hourly Paid Lecturers from any course and part-time library and archive staff. 

Your interpretation may take various or interdisciplinary forms:  

  • Artwork  
  • Installation  
  • Object (in the broadest sense)  
  • Event or Happening  
  • Film  
  • Performance  
  • Publication  
  • Digital Installation  

The Task: 

  • Identify themes, key concepts, trends, or patterns from past presentations, keynotes, and speakers.  
  • Draw on abstracts, descriptions, and proposal documentation for creative interpretation. 
  • Optionally, explore the progress of previous projects or speakers over the years.  
  • Embrace imaginative approaches.  

What We Offer: 

This paid opportunity covers your time and on-project costs (up to a maximum of £1000). It funds an output to be exhibited at this year’s Conference. We can support you through a process aimed at unravelling, or reimagining, the complexities of teaching and learning, practice research, education practice, and creative multi-modal pedagogies in the broadest educational context.  

Deadline for Proposals: 

Apply by Monday 29 April 2024, 5 pm.

Our requirements and criteria:  

As this type of review or activity has not been done before, we would like to get a sense of the content of the archive itself. 

We are interested in understanding: 

  • what kinds of themes have been explored through the conference; 
  • what types of formats have these taken; 
  • how many speakers and presenters have participated, and from what backgrounds; 
  • and, what are some of the possible ways of thematising, interpreting, and analysing these topics of our shared educational concerns over the last 10 years. 

We would also like to know: 

  • how you would best visualise the archive; 
  • what other creative output(s) could best communicate the breadth and depth of the Education Conference, and it’s archive; 
  • what research themes in Education and/or Practice-based research are present, or may emerge in future. 

A link to the archive pages are here, and you are welcome to search the archive and use screen shots in your submission. Further data will be provided once the project starts.  

You may propose to do some further research and development by contacting artists or educators you find in the archive and add that material to your project outcomes.  

The project will be managed and supported by the Conference Organizers and Steering Group members. Your outcome may have an impact on future UAL Conferences.  

We welcome applications from all of the diverse members of our part-time and hourly paid community, and part-time Libraries or Archive staff. We also would welcome collaborations between colleagues, as well as individual applications.

Shortlisting for final selection will take place in two stages: 

  1. Project proposals will be shortlisted without reference to your biographical data, so please keep the main text of your proposal anonymous. 
  1. We will then choose the final proposal with biography, including skills, attributes and experience to help us make a final decision. 

Ownership, Representation and Use of In-copyright Content:

If selected, as the Artist Practitioner for the Education Conference 2024, please note that copyright and related rights in content of the archive belong to the Exchange and UAL.

Copyright in the artistic interpretation of the archive as a work of art would be owned by the artist practitioner, who grants permission for the Exchange and UAL to use the output for future non-commercial purposes.

Please credit all original sources of content from the archive that feature in the final art work.

Supporting For Your Proposal: