room: C303

  • Conversations about Race

    ‘Conversations About Race’, is a workshop developed to enable race-based conversations using Citizens UK community organising techniques. During the workshop, we will share the findings from previous sessions, introduce Citizens UK philosophy and methodology, and ask attendees to participate in a relational 121, coined as the most radical organising tool.

  • Fuzzy Genres: Inclusive Approaches to Teaching Writing for Design Students

    What is a fuzzy genre? In today’s Higher Education system, students are increasingly exposed to and expected to compose written assignments that do not sit comfortably within one established genre of academic writing (Hyland, 2012; Hyland 2018). At UAL, unit assignments such as blog posts, reflective journals and design reports are commonplace. But the lines…

  • Wayfinding and Augmented Reality for All

    The key message is to show how augmented reality (AR) can become an additional tool in supporting students with site navigation and information. It is designed to encourage participants to think beyond the 2D and to make use of the unlimited space available in the physical world using augmented reality.

  • Towards a Critical information literacy curriculum

    Critical Librarianship, is a new designation for a long-practiced critical approach. Also referred to as radical or progressive Librarianship, it calls on us to acknowledge systems of power and privilege that underpin the profession in an effort to challenge & change them. Built on the ideas from theorists like Paulo Friere, Henry Giroux, and Bell…

  • Rituals, Routines & Improvisations – Mapping Spaces of Pedagogical Resistance

    “Rituals, Routines & Improvisations” is a research-based project exploring the informal, often transitory, community-led educational interventions in the urban realm. Engrained in the day-to-day occurrences, often within oppressive and poorly defined peripheries, this workshop will reflect upon alternative modes of learning that forge cultural cooperation and self-governance. Drawing on individual and collective experiences, this session…