room: Outside space

  • En Plein Air Taster Session

    “En Plein Air” transports learning from the classroom to nature, enhancing participants’ observational and creative skills through art. This approach not only supports climate action but also promotes social justice by blending experiential learning with environmental awareness, revealing hidden social dynamics and encouraging reflection on societal roles.

  • Thinking Through Knitting

    Is there a way of processing various ideas about ourselves and others whilst an individual knits with various yarns? reflecting on their gender, race and class and using this as a method to generate textile outcomes through making. How can students engage with this method as a tool for problem-solving?

  • Fun with the Inquilab/Ink-Lab reading group

    Inquilab/Ink-Lab Reading Group is now three years old. It offers an expanded form of reading and operates as a creative method to share stories, issues, dreams and inclusive approaches to, teaching and learning in Higher Education. Everyone is welcome to this interactive conversation through a creative object based workshop with the sharing of impactful quotes…