‘Arts learning development’: 10 years of UAL-wide Academic Support

The first Academic Support Strategy 2013-16 created a new University-wide Academic Support offer. Our first workshop, our first online resource and our first lines of code written for Academic Support Online, all started 10 years ago.

This mini-exhibition / installation will share artefacts and reflections on our multi- and transdisciplinary approach to the creative practices and learning spaces we have developed for students, with a particular focus on using applied and practice-based creative research methodologies. We will also be sharing our questions – what has driven the design of the offer – the pedagogies, critical conversations and learning research – and invite further questions!

Installation and contributors

Talitha Balan, Graham Barton, James Blake, Ilga Leimanis, David McGovern, Lyndsay Phillips, Alicia Monedero-Chaves,  Adam Ramejkis, Natasha Sabatini, Sukhwinder Sagoo-Reddy, Jhinuk Sarkar, Victoria Salmon, Paul Thrippleton.

With thanks to past and current members of UAL-wide Academic Support and co-teaching colleagues: Shahzeena Ahmad, Eleanor Bowen, Erin Liu, Alex Lumley, Jane Madsen, Samia Malik, Richie Manu, Sean McSorley, Georgina Orgill, Rahul Patel, Richard Parry (ASO), Cait Peterson, Beth Thompson, Cara Waddell, Helena Walsh, Judy Willcocks, Anne Odling-Smee.