Ayşe Köklü

Ayşe Köklü is an artist researcher and an educator. With a multi-disciplinary background in visual communication, linguistics, philosophy and education studies, she enquires about learning, using new materialist theories and postcolonial thought. Questions around the politics and ethics of what is seen worthy of knowing, learning and teaching, how to, who/what is a learner and a teacher, and how art comes into this, thread across her multifaceted practice. 

Her experience ranges from developing learning programmes with and for young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to most recently working under the moniker windworks, and enquiring about how to tune into the relationship between air, sound and place beyond human-centric frameworks as part of her practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths’ Education Department in the Art Practice and Learning programme. She joined UAL teaching staff in 2015 and has taught across multiple programmes. Since 2023, she has been teaching on the Communication Pathway at UAL Foundation Programme.